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By email or in person                                                           Full readings for $45                                                             Relationship Readings $60

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24b Moorefield Rd, Johnsonville Wellington

                                                                        Psychic Readings

I have 26 years experience in the the spiritual arts and look at love, spirituality,  career, money, family ,health and any topic you ask for.

There are several abilities I use in readings. A knowing or clairsentience, hearing or clairaudience and visual cues  which can be quite symbolic via  clairvoyance. I do not specialise in those who have passed over but loved ones do show up at times to say something to bring comfort, and I am open to it. I also bring in the ancient tradition of the Tarot at times. There are a lot of business people who come to me for intuitive advice and guidance who receive a specialised reading from me.

I work with my guides and connect directly to source for clarity.

Full Email Readings: These are long in depth readings and you are welcome to send me questions  as this allows me to focus on any areas you are concerned about. $45

Relationship Readings: For couples and the direction their life is taking together in joint activities as well as relationship growth and development  $60

Email Booking Information

In my bookings I use use PayPal you do not have to be a member you can simply use the non member credit card option. Or email me to pay by bank deposit

I require your:

Date of birth

First name

and gender for readings

If you have a photo it helps me tune in, plus any questions you may have

( Limit is 5 questions please)

Face to face readings

Look on my “find me” page for my location for in person readings as I travel new Zealand full time for my spiritual work.

If you have questions regarding booking a reading , please fill out the form below  

A great referral by Marc Ellis on TVNZ

Booking an Email Reading

(Completely private Your booking is only visible to me)

This booking service allows me to focus on readings as things were getting so busy.

Please follow the steps in the booking system and only fill in the fields with a red star I don't need your address. If you can not pay by credit or debit card please contact me by filling out the form and I can book you in manually and send you bank details.(NZ only)

Single or couples email reading


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You can save, print and re read your email reading which is great for looking back at a later date
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